Kyle Lewis - Composer

Kyle Lewis is a composer and theorist.  Lately, he’s been interested in extended notational systems and how they interact with performers’ cognition of the music, patient pacing, aleatory, subtleties in otherwise homogeneous sounds, variety in scale of works, small ideas as art, humor, multiple or variable time streams, using technology without using electronic sounds, and framing art from everyday moments.  His music has been played by Rote Hünd Musik, Incongruency Ensemble, Duo Damiana, Erik Krohg, Ann DuHamel, and Stuart Gerber, among others.  He works and performs in a collaborative project called Guy Did Ail (@GuyDidAil on social media) with visual artist Gunnar Tarsa that explores the balance between predictability and possibility in aleatoric art.  He has studied regularly with Cody Brookshire, Natalie Williams, Peter Van Zandt Lane, and Adam Roberts.  Outside of the new music world, he fronted a punkish, metal-type band called We by the Sea and sang with the UGA Hodgson Singers.  Kyle Lewis graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Georgia with BM degrees in Music Composition and Music Theory in December 2017.