Kyle Lewis - Composer

Kyle Lewis is a composer, theorist, and performer. He likes to explore the boundaries of perception&conception with his solo work as well as his collaborations with visual artist Gunnar Tarsa in their duo Guy Did Ail.

Guy Did Ail


Our debut Album Multiverse is now available at Low Yo-Yo Stuff Records in Athens, GA or by contacting us at <3

Video/Audio of the album is below:

Guy Did Ail

A collaboration between composer Kyle Lewis and visual artist Gunnar Tarsa devoted to creating and performing works of chance-based, experiential, or explorative artistic endeavors that feature simultaneous musical and visual components.

The project began in early 2017 as a part of Kyle's desire to find balance between the aleatoric elements of mid-century European composers (like Stockhausen, Ligeti, and Lutoslawski, whose use of chance has higher predictability and less possibility) and American composers of the New York School (like Cage, Feldman, and Brown, whose use of chance has higher possibility and lower predictability).

Kyle reached out to Gunnar upon realizing that the project needed to have at least two components that spoke in different languages to push performers into instinctual, communicative, in-the-moment type spaces while under certain constraints.

The end result creates pieces that are more guided (for the performer and the onlooker) than improv but more free than structured chance works. Each piece we create involves a visual and musical component that are created simultaneously in the moment, and both of which adhere to preset guidelines and rules that govern material, form, shape, color, line, harmony, etc. The musical and visual components interact, as if in conversation, to push each individual part to interact and create under the constraints in a new way with every performance.

The goal for the project is to create and perform pieces that are always identifiable but leave the performers, creators, and audiences engaged in the possibilities. Guy Did Ail hopes to create works that are absurd, interesting, and fun enough for a casual observer and crafted with enough artistic validity to satisfy art aficionados and academic crowds.

We embrace public performance, absurdity, humor, accidents, recognizable form, artistic elegance, abstraction, instinct, academic discourse, thought, and fun.

We are currently looking for opportunities including:

  • Concert-type performance
  • Lecture/demonstration-type performances
  • Gallery opportunities
  • Murals
  • Art commissions

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